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2018 Men's League Information





Tee times are from 4:00 PM until 6:00 PM
  • Early Tee Teams: 4:30-5:00  
  • Late Tee Teams 5:00-6:00
  • There is a minimum of 8 early teams(or combination of tee times) to have an early league. . . if the minimum is not met then there will only be 1 league with tee offs between 4:30-6:00 PM. (This will keep matchups & scoring even)


  • $20.00 per person for league fee setup (one time fee)
  • $5.00 per night
  • $3.00 for pin prizes (3) & $1.00 for derby (both are optional)


  • You are not required to be a member of the course to play in this league. IF you are not a member you MUST pay green fees each night.
  1. You will use 90% of Handicap for scoring (last ten scores). Max is 2 strokes per hole. If you don’t have a league handicap or course handicap, it will be established by league play. Make sure all players agree on the score before you tee off on the next hole. Turn your scorecards in right after your round is completed. There will be a manila envelope on the counter to put your scorecards in.
  2. If league will be called off for rain or any other weather related reason there will be no make-up league.
  3. If a team is a no show, the opposing team will automatically get the 3 team points, and then will pick 2 league partners by a random drawing of numbers. If a team forfeits, the weekly fees still must be paid the next week. If a team is short a player, they can pick a partner from a random draw and play…but they still need to pay that dummy players nightly fee.
    • If an agreement is made between teams prior to Monday night, the makeup must be done by Sunday at 4:00 PM. Please leave your scorecards in the envelope and the weekly fee will need to be paid the next league night.
    • You have to verbally talk to a member of the team you are going to play; If you want to make alternate arrangementsjust leaving a message on an answering machine is not good enough! If you text make certain you get a reply!
  4. You may only qualify for the Derby on scheduled League Night. NO MAKEUPS WILL COUNT

League will begin on Monday, May 22nd

Last night of league will be August 28th. This will be the derby night


Due to Monday Night Beer League on June 13th, we WILL PLAY on Tuesday June 14th

Due to July 4th fallin on a Monday, we WILL PLAY Tuesday July 5th